Westward Whiskey - The Highest Rated American Single Malt

Founded in 2004, Westward Whiskey was developed by co-owners Thomas Mooney and Christian Krogstad, who are leaders in the American craft spirits community, and utilised their unique brewing and distilling experience to create a pioneering spirit that was inspired by the best aspects of the American craft beer and whiskey traditions.

Westward draws inspiration from its home in Oregon, and by the distinctive culture, climate and natural ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. Brewed and distilled using locally malted Pacific Northwest barley and ale yeast, perfected by years of maturation at the distillery’s rack house, and mingled in small batches, Westward is the culmination of a quest to produce a whiskey that embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest and draws inspiration from Oregon’s deeply-rooted craft brewing culture.

Westward Whiskey has been available in Australia since 2019, with the demand skyrocketing as Australia’s love for single-malt whiskey continues to grow. Westward is already beloved and called for in some of the country’s best bars and restaurants throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.


Westward Whiskey strives for perfection through a philosophy of “minimalist distilling,” going to great lengths to express the flavour of its grain and other natural ingredients. Every barrel starts by brewing an artisanal American pale ale from scratch, 100% Northwest two-role pale malted barley and ale yeast. It is then fermented at low temperatures for extended periods. The fresh ale is then distilled twice in custom low-reflux copper pot stills that are designed to create a robust spirit, which transforms the fresh beer into whiskey. Westward Whiskey is then aged to taste in new, charred American oak barrels, where Oregon’s dry, hot summers and cool, wet winters create the ideal environment to raise a world class whiskey.



Originally founded as House Spirits Distillery in 2004 by Christian Krogstad, and later helmed by CEO and Co-Owner Thomas Mooney, Westward expanded its distillery in 2015, which increased capacity six-fold, now making it both the largest distilling operation in the Pacific Northwest and the largest craft distiller on the West Coast. 

On a typical day, the distillery team brews 3,000 gallons of pale ale whiskey wash, which is double-pot distilled to produce enough whiskey to fill five to six new barrels of Westward American Single Malt whiskey. 


Westward initially produced their core drop, American Single Malt Whiskey, which went on to receive global praise and recognition, known for its robust and fruity aroma, with a delicious malt, chocolate and leathery finish. Following this, Westward produced several other whiskey varietals, officially adding Oregon Stout Cask Whiskey to their core range in 2020. The new Stout Cask range was created out of a longstanding cask-trading tradition among a select group of beer producers in the Northwest, where Westward American Single Malt Whiskey is finished in freshly-emptied stout beer casks.

Westward Whiskey’s head distiller Miles Monroe says, “For as long as we’ve been making whiskey, we’ve traded our freshly-emptied barrels with some of our brewing friends in and around the Northwest, who have in turn “seasoned” them with Stout before returning them again. The abundance of the Northwest yields the best raw materials and attracts the best craftspeople, and Westward brings together the power of both in one of the most iconic beer-producing regions in the world.”




Westward’s American Single Malt is distinct, rich, brazen, and full of flavour. It’s balanced and bold, with just the right amount of spice and sweetness. It awards an elegantly robust and fruity aroma, with creamy vanilla and brown sugar notes. Entry to the palate shows baking spice, lush fruit, and sweet malt. The finish begins with tobacco, dark chocolate, and leather with a lingering oak sweetness that gives way to stone fruit.

This core spirit has earned high praise around the world, winning a Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits 2020 Competition, a 93-Point/Excellent rating at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, a 94-Point rating from Wine Enthusiast, and top billing in the Wall Street Journal's list of Singular Single Malts Born in the USA.


Westward Oregon Stout Cask whiskey is rich and robust, with notes of roasted grain, stone fruit, toasted pecan, milk chocolate, and a bold, dry finish.

The Oregon Stout Cask received a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020 and a 94-Point rating for the Ultimate Spirits Challenge.  

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